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Le sujet : " bisextyle la pesse "

Ce soir, nocturne par équipe de deux, mixte au niveau du sexe et du style, inscription 18h30 à la Pesse, premier départ 19h.

nicobartabac le 25/02/15

Hello, this is David VanWingen of New Albany Indiana. I just wanted to leave a ceommnt to mention that i don't seem to be able to do anything with the forums. If i click on one of the 2 available sections i get a 404 not found type message. I don't know if it's a problem with the forum or perhaps an issue with my browser, but i just wanted to mention it. Also a suggestion or two as to forum sections; one should definately be dedicated to what is atheism', sort of a faq for the uninformed. Also it may behoove us to have a section for the ministers with perhaps some sort of do's and dont's list. Perhaps discussing things that may or may not be desired for ministers to do [publicly] (example Don't harass people because of their theological beliefs, Do show compassion and tolerance for others, no matter how silly their beliefs are, etc). Just a couple of ideas. And thanks to all involved in creating the First Church of Atheism! [url=]pnqjafbt[/url] [link=]qnryrjygsot[/link]

sherin le 22/10/15